Virtual Office Solutions

Our Virtual Office Services
At Finch Studio Space you can finally enjoy all the benefits of having a traditional office but without the huge overhead costs that are associated with having one. ​​​​​​We are the virtual office solutions provider in the Town of Newburgh, NY catering to the very real needs of small business owners. We provide customized virtual office solutions that save you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on running the key aspects of your business while projecting a strong and professional image. 

Virtual Offices are a great value alternative to having a full-time office. We are ideal for start-ups, small, home-based and multi-level marketing businesses. 

To find out how we can meet your virtual office needs with services and amenities that allow you to focus on growing your profits, contact us at 845-200-3366 or email us at

Virtual Office
This is a most affordable way to keep your home office while projecting a professional image. We will manage and process your visitors, clients and mail. Your mail and packages may either be delivered to you or held for your collection.

Office Facilities
Our facilities include a reception area, several meeting rooms and a conference room available for your use. Our deluxe reception area and well-equipped break room are designed to motivate you and inspire your clients. High-speed Internet access and local telephone calls are complimentary.

Secretarial/Administrative Support

Our contemporary and functional front office will cater to your business support needs on-demand and pay-per-use. We offer you the peace of mind and assurance that your tasks are being handled by our efficient and passionate.

See how our multiple package options below can help you to be more successful.